Equipment List

Summits Media Group, LLC uses a wide variety of equipment and tools to complete a project.

Current equipment list as of Fall 2019.

Video Camera Systems

  1. Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6 K EOS Mount (Super 35MM Format)
  2. Pansonic HPX 500 2/3 Inch Broadcast Cameras (3x)
  3. Sony BRCH700 Remote Operated PTZ Cameras (7x) with Remote 300 Controllers (2x)
  4. Pansonic HPX 2700 VARICAM Broadcast Camera
  5. Sony F3 Broadcast Camera PL Mount (Super 35MM Format)

Multi-Camera Live Switching Systems

Multi-camera swithcers are used for filming live events, concerts, etc.

  1. Blackmagic ATEM 1 ME Switcher (7 SDI & 1 HDMI Input)
  2. Blackmagic Television Studio Switcher (4 HDMI & 4 SDI Input)
  3. Pansonic AV HS 400N Switcher (8 Input SDI)
  4. VMIX VER. 21 Switcher (4 INPUT SDI)

DSLR Camera Systems

  1. Sony A7R2 Full Frame 35mm
  2. Sony A6300 APS-C Super 35mm
  3. Pansonic LUMIX GH4 Micro 4/3rds Format (3x)

Aerial Drone Camera Systems

  1. DJI Mavic PRO 4K System
  2. DJI Phantom 3 Professional System


  1. Canon EOS Lenses
    Tokina 11-16mm (Super Wide Angle)
    Canon 16-25mm (Wide Angle)
    Canon 80-200 2.8L
    Canon 300 F4L
    Canon 35-350L
  2. Canon FD Lenses with Adapters
    Canon FD 15mm Fisheye 2.8
    Canon FD 20-35MML
    Canon FD 50MM 1.2L
    Canon FD 85MM 1.2L
    Canon FD 50-300MM 4.5L
    Canon 300MM 2.8L
    Canon 500MM 4.5 L
  3. Pansonic LUMIX Lenses
    Pansonic 7-14mm
    Pansonic 14-140mm
  4. Video Engine Lenses
    Fujinon HA 7.6X17
    Fujinon A 11.5 X 24
    Fujinon A 5.5X8
    Canon J 6 X 8
    Canon HJ 28 X 9 Long Lense with Fujinon Stabalizer


  1. Sachtler Video 60 Flat Base
  2. Sachtler Video 20II 100 MM Ball
  3. Vinten Vision 22 150mm Ball
  4. Miller DS 10 75 MM BALL (2x)
  5. Dynamic Perception Timelapse Motion Control Rig
  6. Underwater Housing Units for Panasonic DSLR Equipment

Sound Studio Equipment:

  1. Protools 10 Digital Audio Workstation
  2. Shure SM7 Studio Microphones (2x)


  1. Lectrosonics U195D Wireless System with TRAM TR50 Microphone (2x)
  2. Sennheiser EW 100 G3 Wireless System with Sennheiser Microphones (3x)
  3. Sound Devices 522 – 5 Channel Field Audio Mixer
  4. Zoom H4N Audio Recorder


  1. 1X 1 Bicolor LED Fixtures (4x)
  2.  VIDESSENCE 220 WATT Flouroescent Fixtures with Intensifier (3x)
  3.  ARRI 125 Pocket Par System with AC Electronic Ballast
  4.  ARRI 1.2 K Par with Magnetic Ballast
  5.  Dedolight Kit – 4 X 100 WATT Fixtures with Attachments